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The Leading Manufacturer of Plastic Hoses

Giving the quality top priority, Togawa is engaged in customer satisfaction and aiming to be an environmental friendly company.


Established as a group of Togawa Rubber Co,. Ltd to manufacture Water Clean System and Equipment focused on starting for business of plastic hose manufacturing in 1959.

Togawa is a brand that is always trying to manufacture “environmentally-friendly products” based on world class quality and technology. It is still fully produced in Japan in its Kyoto and Tokyo Factory.

Its hose has a wide range of applications from everyday home use to professional specific use such as agricultural, automotive, factory operational and food manufacturing. Togawa had also obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for all its factories.

Togawa - PAINTING HOSE.png
Togawa - FOOD HOSE.png
Togawa - AIR TOOL HOSE.png
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