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SAMES KREMLIN offers customers complete solutions
from pumps to complete application systems

SAMES KREMLIN provides industrial solutions for production increase, quality improvement,

material & cost savings.


Sames Kremlin are designers and manufacturers of process equipment that is divided into 6 ranges:

  • Airspray: Since 1925, we have been an Airspray manufacturer bringing you the very best in finishing.

  • Airmix®: Creator of Airmix® Technology since 1975, we provide the perfect mix between quality and productivity.

  • Airless: We provide premium Airless Products for finishers with demanding applications.

  • REXSON Dispense: Pumping beyond possible, dispensing precisely.

  • Electrostatic: Expertise for high finishing quality & efficiency.

  • Powder: Powder coating solutions for the highest Productivity since 1960. 

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Sames - Painting Auto Gun.png
Sames - Powder Auto System.png
Sames - Manual Electro Static Gun.png
Sames - Painting Auto System.png
Sames - Powder Manual System.png
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