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Removes water, oil and humidity from compressed air. A great choice for light usage such as low volume shops, restorers, customizers, and hobbyists


  • Stable supply without pressure drop
  • The indicator linked to the filter can be used as a guide for the replacement time, and can be painted with clean air at any time.
  • Air flow can also be used for HVLP gun
Air Inlet Thread 1/2NTP(M)
Regulated Outlets 1valved
Air Outlets (Ball Valves)ジ 1/4NPSM(M)
Width (Overall) 240mm
Height (Overall) 300mm
Weight 2700g
Capacity (Maximum Air Flow) 780L/min
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure 1.05MPa
Maximu Operating Temperature 65°C
Maximum Regulated Outlet Pressure 1.0MPa
Pressure Gauge 0-11kg/cm³
Degree of Filtration Cartridge0.1µm
Drain Valve Manual type
Maximum Pressure Drop 0.014MPa
Filter Available Time 1000 hours
Filter Replacement Time (Approximate) Every six months
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