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​PPH 707 MS-GUN 2K

​PPH 707 MS-GUN 2K

Robotic multi-process atomizer for 2K solvent-based material


PPH 707-MS-GUN 2K, with manual tool change is mainly dedicated to Tier 1 paint lines. This allows switching quickly from a gun to a bell process and vice versa for solvent based paint application.


  • Easy to switch process
  • For validations of Bell/Gun on site
Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Maximum Material Pressure 10 (145) bar (psi)
Standard Material Supply Pressure 6 - 8 (87 - 116) bar (psi)
Maximum Paint Flow 1000 (.264) cc/min (gal/min)
Standard Paint Flow 500 (.132) cc/min (gal/min)
Minimum Paint Flow 30 (.008) cc/min (gal/min)
Paint Resistivity (min-max) >3
Rotation Speed 15 - 85000 rpm
High Voltage (maximum) 100 kV
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