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​PPH 707 ICWB 2K

​PPH 707 ICWB 2K

PPH 707 ICWB & PPH 707 ICWB 2K Robotic sprayer for water-based material and insulated supply system

PPH 707 ICWB is a sprayer dedicated to an electrostatic application with internal charge water-based paints. It requires an additional insulated supply system, which might be in process arm or on the floor.


The atomizer for insulated systems


  • Low material loss
  • High reliability
  • Easy to maintain


The 2K version is equipped with the static mixer located just before the bellcup injector which helps to reduce the mixed paint volume to only 2cc.

Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Weight 6.06 (13.36) kg (lbs)
Viscosity Scale (min-max) 20 - 40 seconds FORD Cup#4
Standard Material Supply Pressure 6 - 8 (87 - 116) bar (psi)
Maximum Material Pressure 10 (145) bar (psi)
Minimum Paint Flow 30 (.008) cc/min (gal/min)
Standard Paint Flow 500 (.132) cc/min (gal/min)
Maximum Paint Flow 1000 (.264) cc/min (gal/min)
Hardener Resistivity (min-max) >10
Rotation Speed 15 - 85000 rpm
Voltage Max 100 kV
Current Max 500 µA
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