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NANOBELL 801 Non-electrostatic rotary bell atomizer

SAMES KREMLIN has designed its first non-electrostatic rotary bell atomizer to meet the need of high finishing applications allowing paint savings at a reduced investment. NANOBELL 801 combines Airspray and Rotary Bell technologies to offer all the benefits of rotary bell atomization to non-electro applications at an enhanced production speed with easier set-up and operation.


Breakthrough in rotary bell solutions: The automotive high finishing for all


  • Premium Finishing Application
  • High Transfer Efficiency - Low Overspray
  • Safe & Easy Installation - No High Voltage
Designation Value Unit: metric (US)
Weight 3-3,5 (6.6-7.7) kg (lbs)
Viscosity Scale (min-max) 20-40 seconds FORD Cup#4
Standard Material Supply Pressure 6-8 (87-116) bar (psi)
Maximum Material Pressure 10 (145) bar (psi)
Minimum Paint Flow 30 (0.008) cc/min (gal/min)
Standard Paint Flow 400 (0.1) cc/min (gal/min)
Maximum Paint Flow 800 (0.21) cc/min (gal/min)
Shaping Air consumption (min-max) 200-900 Nl/min
Bearing Air consumption 125 Nl/min
Pilot Air consumption 10 Nl/min
Maximum Air Pressure 7 (101) bar (psi)
Rotation Speed 65 000 rpm
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