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InoBell is a rotating electrostatic powder bell sprayer that delivers high performance, excellent finishing quality & easy integration.


  • High transfer rate
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy integration
  • Excellent finishing quality


  • Adjustable air shroud - allows a rapid and marked variation in cloud size (control of the jet can adjust the width of the cloud being implemented, proportionally)
  • Integrated high voltage unit - no high voltage cable
  • Excellent regularity of film build-up - the quality of finish meets the most stringent and tight D.O.I. (Distinctiveness of image).


  • Strong electrostatic charge - up to 20% more transfer efficiency compared to conventional guns
  • Flowrate of 1 inoBell equivalent to (2) guns


  • Single block design with fewer number of parts
  • Powder bell is easy to disassemble
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